Thursday, November 19, 2009

Art Deco Bar Update 3

Hard to believe it has just been a week since my last update.  Seems like a month!  Oh well, here we go.

You might recall I overdid the size of the back corner bar and had to "shrink" it down a bit.  Here I have cut the black Plexiglas top and notched it out for the shelf supports.  Also I have dry fit the mirrors in place.

No don't worry, I haven't switched to working on the deck of the Starship Enterprise!  LOL!  This is the "inside" area of the roof section over the bar.  In order to generate enough light from the LED's that will live inside this section, I used foil tape to generate reflection rather than wood absorption.  You can just make out the blue and red and clear plexiglas between each stepped out layer of the ceiling.  The LED's will illuminate these on the outside rim for a nice affect.  I hope.......

Here you can get a sense of the ceiling profile as it will look over the bar.  Nice use of the Xacto knife don't you think?

Here the black plexi has the protective paper removed and the clear plexi shelves are dry fit in place.  I chose to cover the shelf supports with aluminum tape rather than paint them.  This will add a reflective quality to the mirrors when the LED lights shine down from above the shelves.

Here the completed back corner bar has been dry fit in place.  The ceiling over the bar has been attached to the 2 side walls and you can see the actual bar in the far right of the picture.  I confess I am not happy with the arches in the back bar as they gave me considerable fits.  However, rather than smash this section to bits and start over, I have decided to live with this slight imperfection as the real star of this show is the bar and the ceiling over the bar.

Here the laminate is going on the bar front.  Once it is all in place, I will install the bar top and work on the footrest that will go around the base of the bar on this front side.  My next focus will be the completed ceiling and lighting, the floor behind the bar and determine how I want to treat the walls.  Hmmmmmmm

Thanks for peeking in!  Tell next time!


  1. Richard, it looks great. :) I see no imperfections what so ever and that is excellent use of the exacto blade. ;)

  2. Thanks Dale! Won't be long I'll be needing those bar stool seats!
    No pressure though! LOL!

  3. I just hope, you only want me to make the seats. ;) lol

  4. LOL! Just the seats Dale! Thanks, you are the best!