Sunday, March 6, 2011

Art Deco Bar The Unveiling

At long last, the Art Deco Bar is done!  As it is just opening I am afraid it is woefully understocked but time will take care of that!  Also, I am on the prowl for a top notch 1940's era bartender who knows how to make the driest martini in the land!

Without further adieu here are a few pics:

This is taken from one of the two open sides.  Gives a good overall view of the bar and seating.  Thanks to Dale of Dalesdreams ( for the wonderful work on each of the seats on the bar stools.  Also, Dale is responsible for picking out the fabric for the carpet and sending it to me!  Whoot, thanks Dale it is perfect!  A wonderful artisan, please check out her shop soon!

Here you see some of the art work I pieced together from some old advertisements in the art deco era.

A close up of the storage under the bar and part of the bar work surface.

Here I opened the cabinet doors under the corner cabinet to reveal yet more storage space waiting to be filled with bar goodies.

Notice the lights over the clear shelves in the back corner cabinet.  Also, you can see the color bands over the bar which are lit from within with LED lights (4 total inside the bar canopy).

A shot of the other side of the bar showing more storage shelves loaded with a few "wine" bottles.  I love the art deco piece on the wall in this shot.  Also, notice the black and white checked floor tile behind the bar area.

Nice shot from seat high level with the lights on.  You can get a good sense of the contrast of aluminum, mirrors, and black and white colors.  Notice the black and chrome footrest along the base of the bar.

A special thank you to Lisa of Everydaygourmet ( who custom made this wonderful garnish tray at my request.  Wonderfully real looking orange, lime, and lemon slices along with olives and cherries and toothpicks too!  Thanks also to Lisa who made all the cocktails scattered around the bar and tables.  Amazing work and you should check out her shop soon!

This has been a very gratifying project and I hope soon to tackle the third room box in this series, the art deco era dining  room.  With the anteroom and the bar in place, I need a place for folks to dine.

Until then, thanks for checking in with Minibydesign and happy mini-making to all!