Sunday, March 14, 2010

Art Deco Bar Update 5

Wow, winter really kicked the mini-making community in much of the USA this year and North Carolina was no exception!  Finally, the weather has begun to warm, the snow is melted, and the mini-shop is inhabitable once again!  YAY!

I took advantage of the recent good weather to finish the bar stools courtesy of some fine cushions prepared by my fine Team ETSY teammate on TeamMIDS.  Dale of DalesDreams does wonderful work, visit her shop at  Thanks Dale!

Here you can see a couple of pics where the cushions are clamped and glued to their base on the seat post.

When I first opened my shop this morning the sun was shining on the Art Deco Bar like it was waiting for opening day.  I snapped a couple of pics just using the natural sunlight coming into my shop.

You can see the washers on the floor that form the base of the stools.  I drilled up through the bottom of the floor to secure the stools to the floor.  Worked pretty well and I think the results speak for themself....

Now all that is left is to add some art on the wall, a few drinks on the bar and the bar accessories to the shelves and bar workspace.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I will have final pics next weekend.  Thanks for checking in!