Thursday, January 14, 2010

The MBD Club Anteroom

This is the one that started it all.  I wish I had taken progress pictures but redeemed myself somewhat by doing so with the art deco bar.  This room box was inspired by a picture I saw of a remodeled anteroom from the art deco period.  I set to work to replicate the doors in that picture in miniature.  This led to the creation of the room box to put the doors to work.

This room box is 16 1/2 inches wide, 12 inches deep, and 11 1/8 inches tall. The front is "framed" by a gold painted trim and includes a removable plexiglas insert. I removed the plexiglas for purposes of the attached pictures to eliminate the glare.

The door is surrounded by Cocobolo, Brazilian Cherry, and painted maple wood. The plexiglas door frames are gold painted bass wood and the decorations are applied decals. The doors are none working but provide a view into the MBD Club Dining Room. This is a picture of an actual art deco era dining room that I have installed on a curved backdrop to provide a panoramic affect. A working light above the inside of the doors provides accent lighting.

This room box includes 2 club chairs, an art deco style side table, host(ess) stand with working light, carpet, easel, and 2 planters with plants. All items were hand made by me except the lights, billboard, menus, and reservation book on the host stand. The billboard, 3 menus, and reservation book were made by a very talented TeamMIDS teammate, Candy. Please visit her shop at or The billboard announces "MBD Club Live Tonight Kelly Smith and the Louis Prima Band". The menus have MBD Club on the front and a menu listing on the back.

The wall sconces and the host stand light are working lights. The baseboard of this room is made of Cocobolo wood. The crown moulding is dental moulding with gold painted accents.

The club chairs are made of Brazilian Cherry with padded burgundy cloth cover and trim. The art deco side table, easel, and host stand are also Brazilian Cherry. The host stand is on a black plexiglas base. The planters are miniature Christmas Tree ornaments on a mirror base.

This box is listed for sale at

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!