Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Colonial Update Part 2

When I last reported the basic shell was in place and some of the planning was coming together in the form or pencil marks on the wall.  Well, much has been accomplished since then, despite a 10 day hiatus to attend the wedding of some very good friends daughter in Texas.

Shortly upon my return from Texas, the mini shop was a whirl of sawdust and paint once again.  Next up the bump out wall for the fireplace.  Here you can see the basic structure with the fireplace temporarily in place.

Next I added some moulding to form two recesses on each side of the wall above the mantel.  These recesses will highlight the sconces to be added later.

Fast forward to see the paint and wallpaper have been added to the fireplace wall and surround.

In the next shot you can see the wall sconces have been added and the chair rail and skirt board are being secured until the glue dries.

Here the fireplace wall is essentially complete and the wires for the working fireplace embers and the wall sconces have been fed through the holes below the floor.  There is an extra wire to support the circuit that will connect to the chandelier to be added to this room when the ceiling goes in.  I have learned through the years to plan 3 or 4 steps ahead to make life a little easier down the road. :)

You will notice in the above shot, the wood flooring is in place.  While working on the fireplace wall as a separate piece, I was able to continue work on the room itself.

Here you see the fireplace wall as a work in process while in the background, you can see I have added the wall sconces and wall paper to the far wall.

Now the wall paper has been completed on the front wall and the section below the chair rail line has gotten its first coat of paint.

A close up of the sconces, wall paper and paint job.  Looking good so far!

And now the floor goes down.  It will get at least 3 coats of clear stain to shine it up a bit.

Next time, we will move into the entry hall.  Until then, thanks for checking out Minibydesign!